taste good. feel good.

Freshly home cooked meals. Made and delivered with love.

Fuzzycook brings you all the flavors you miss from home, while supporting your neighborhood families to earn an extra income.

Why FuzzyCook?

Cooked with Love

All carefully prepared with the finest ingredients. It brings you taste and quality restaurants can’t match.

Freshly Made

Say goodbye to mass-produced restaurant food. Our cooks make sure that your food is fresh and clean, just like at home.

Support your Community

Your order helps put food on not only your table but also someone else’s table by supporting their small business.

Our Story

Fuzzycook was born when a group of university students, living away from home, were craving for homecooked food, but could find no restaurant that could match the taste of their moms' cooking, made with love.

Fuzzycook is a platform to bridge the gap between people living away from home, and the thousands of moms cooking for their families, looking to make a small income without committing to a full-time job. We strive to support these families to earn an income from home, while bringing you the experience of a homecooked meal.